Spack Jarrow

The Draconic Enforcer


Once he was just a human, but one night after a hazardous adventure into a haunted house he achieved a particular metamorphic transformation. Now the once known noble is no longer just any ordinary man, but he has taken on the appearance of both man and dragon. His height towers over most humans, while he sports golden scales all over his body to go with his golden claws. Jarrow has certainly gotten more aggressive in his usual kind, yet regal demeanor. Most see him within a chain shirt sported with a noble’s outfit, a rather fanciful headband, and a long dull golden cloak behind him. Over his heart he bears a brooch that oddly looks to be a foot of a gold dragon.


Spack Jarrow is of noble born, while his family hails from the metropolis of Absalom. A respectful family of nobles enriched as one of the families connected to the commerce of Absalom. He is the youngest of three sons, and thus he got the short end of the stick with everything as his eldest was being pampered and raised to be the next head. His other brother got about the same amount of treatment, but not as much as their eldest. So the two youngest got along well, while Spack never really got along with his eldest.

Due to the lack of attention from his parents, Spack became quite free-spirited and did a lot of juvenile actions through his childhood, which didn’t quite gain any favors from his parents, while they just hush-hush his antics and pushed them under the rug. Other than his families, he was quite charismatic with his childhood friends, which most were happened to be of lesser class.

As he grew up, he became more daring as he ventured throughout all of Absalom, getting into predicaments with his friends whenever the opportunity arose, however, he always stuck it out to guarantee his friends safety. Until an unfortunate became onto the Jarrow family within his late adolescent years, while his parents were once again on their way to bail out Spack and his friends to once again put their troubles under the rug.

On the carriage ride back, his parents were scolding him very harshly this time and were quite fed up with the years of his antics. All of a sudden, the first of two explosions took out the driver, horse, and front of the carriage, while the second covered the carriage. If it was a miracle or dumb luck, Spack was thrown out of the carriage from the first explosion and watched the second as it instantly took his parents and friends. His mind and state went into shock and could not clearly think before quickly standing up and running away from the scene. With the money within his pockets, he ran the straight out of Absalom to purchase a ticket out of the city feeling his life is in mortal danger.

For the next decade, he has been wondering Golarion as a mercenary, and also sometimes as a pirate. Until one day he heard that the River Lords of the River Kingdom were hiring for people to scout out a new land. He figured if this land was by chance far away, he wouldn’t have to ever return back to Absalom.

Spack Jarrow

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