Diplomatic Meeting in Absalom the nude.

Dear Council,

I’ve returned from Absalom along with the rest of the travelling party to inform you about the results of our diplomatic expedition. I’ll keep it brief. We spoke to one of Jarrow’s older brothers, Canderos, who gave us further details about the offer Spack brought to the table. Canderos informed us that we have two years to found a settlement in the specified area, not one year as we previously believed. Furthermore, upon inquiry, we discovered the reason he wants to establish a settlement in that particular location; an alleged ‘Fountain of Youth’ is buried there. From what I could tell, Canderos truly believes in what he says and wants us to make a claim on that territory before others move in first. But things are more complicated then they may seem. He made an off-comment that the Fountain was originally located somewhere else, and through the power of a Wish someone moved it. Raine and I pressed for details about the nature of the event, but he was not inclined to share. It is in my humble opinion that we as a Barony should not draw the ire of a being powerful enough to alter reality. I gave Canderos an ultimatum; tell us more about this Wish or we end our negotiations. He decided to remain silent, and so our conversation came to an end. I believe something of this caliber requires our attention, and I wish to hear all of your opinions so we can take the best course of action.

-Aleksandr Khavortorov

Fourth Letter Home: Kuthona

Dear Gules, Council and Co.

I write to you this month that my dealings with my family have gone well, and I managed to get some backing for us from the High Council of Absalom. Edenmore is on the precipice of change now, and the world is looking to us right now as in a year’s time we are due to start exploring the unknown regions to the east. I believe that we are able to, where both Pathfinders and Adventurers have failed, to uncover what the east has in store for us.

I, myself, will be coming back ahead of time in a couple of months to start exploring and expanding the Barony out east. I’m sure that we will need any claimed hexes along the way for farmlands and fishing huts, while we expand the size of the Barony even more. The agreed upon terms are, that the Barony by the end of Neth to have a secure route to either one or several possible locations with valuable resources for us to claim out in the east in the unexplored regions, and to make sure no one else takes it. From there, my house will be sending down a ship with workers and goods to help build the settlement, and after all the areas with valuable resources are claimed, we will discuss from there on how we will handle the profits between the two.

That is all I have to say for now, and I suspect that we will have a lot to talk about upon my return.

Lord Spack Jarrow

Third Letter Home: Neth

Dear Gules, Council, and Co.

I know that my letters or really any of my words don’t hold much respect to any of you, however, it’d do you all a great injustice if you do not heed of what I’m about to say. This may seem like not much of an apology; with it coming from a letter and not in person, yet I must say this for in case the worst may happen to me. I am sorry for how I introduced myself to Mac, Rae, and whomever I offended with my attitude at the time. It was beneath me to do such, but was a defense mechanism at the time to discourage myself from getting close.

From that I must confess, I had to temporarily go for the Kingdom’s own safety, and for me to at least do the right thing for so long I’m alive and everyone is safe. After doing numerous tasks and bounties for the Kingdom, I knew that I couldn’t hold it in any longer. I spoke a half-truth about going on a world tour for diplomatic business, but I still do intend to keep my word in securing connections to the other holdings within the River Kingdoms.

The real truth is I come from an old and renowned House from Absalom, which has been apart of the Grand Council for well over a couple millennium, however, never gained enough favor to rise from the Lower Seats until my Father came to become head. It was about my House’s time to be raised to one of the twelve High Seats, which due to either good luck, bad luck, fate, or all the above I managed to survive an assassination attempt on my parents. That was about ten or so years ago, from which I ran and never looked back for fear of my own life.

Continuously on the move within the Inner Sea, I never stayed in one place for too long for fear that if word of my false death was proven. I would most certainly be hunted down by either Bounty Hunters or Assassins for the loose end that managed to get away, however, even during my travels I did manage to learn that despite the deaths of my house, my pampered and bred eldest brother is on a High Seat. I had my thoughts on it, but I’m not entirely sure on the situation, while it seems my parents were killed yet one of my brothers is alive.

Unfortunately, my worries became reality once I helped in removing the Stag Lord and aided in the creation of Edenmore. To take my mind off of those worries, I strive to make sure to do my best for the citizens of Edenmore. Which for them, I probably wouldn’t of come to the decision of handling my family business alone, and upon arriving I would at least return with whatever inheritance my family left me to be used for Kingdom Business. I know what most of you would say about this, and say it was very irresponsible and a poor choice, however, I feel it is for my best interest to rediscover myself in this perilous journey. If I do come back, I will not be the same person as I was when I left. If you do not hear from me again next month, Gules has my letter for my recommendation to replace me.

Lord Spack Jarrow

The Barony Under Duress

Citizens of Edenmore:

Today is what might be known as a dark day in Edenmore. Baron Harold Gules, our founder, has passed away. There was an attack on the council, by the man known as Ralphiel Diete-Heur, he was once a noble man, now fallen. He was brought to justice, though not before we suffered multiple casualties. High Priest Jhod Kavken, Warden Kesten Garess, and Dimitri Bokken were among the fallen. Sam Morcos, from House Morcos in Restov, was also slain, fighting against Ralphiel. Lord Macule Drihawk was also among those that had fallen today. Though they had met an untimely end, they helped in achieving the ultimate goal of apprehending and subduing the threat to our barony.

Due to the confines of the Pale Resurrection Act, law dictates that a vote must be cast for each of our lords to determine whether or not they should be resurrected. Our late Baron has decreed that in his passing, that we do not resurrect him, but in place we instate an heir.

Onto the others, we have discussed and come to a decision that we will give the people the choice to decide whether or not Lord Macule Drihawk and High Priest Jhod Kavken should be resurrected. Lord Drihawk has done much for the barony, has helped spark trade routes with families and merchants in Restov, and helped remove threats to Edenmore. High Pirest Kavken aided us in securing the land and founding the barony, and without either of these two, I can safely say that we may not be here today. The choice is with you, the fine citizens of Edenmore, to decide if these two should return to us, in hopes that they may aid us flourish.

I ask that we remain strong and do not falter in the face of danger, that although we are beginning something anew together, we are not weak. The citizens of Edenmore are strong, and we will work through this together.

— Lady Raemiriel Silowyr Vanelon

Bounty Board 2: An even newer era

Name: Tatzlford Expedition
Difficulty: CR 3
Description: I believe that the ford in the western river around where the Baron and his men killed those tatzlwyrms before Edenmore was founded would make a fine place for a settlement. Join me and go claim the land for our glorious Barony, and maybe Baron Gules will even set up a settlement there! – Loy Rezbin
Area of the Map: Western Forests

Name: Constant Motion
Difficulty: CR 6
Description: Strange lights have been seen coming from Candlemere Island, and the locals seem to think it’s haunted, or some nonsense. I’m willing to pay to dispel these rumors, as they’re starting to get on my nerves. -Warden Kesten Garess
Area of the Map: Candlemere Island, south of Stagfell

Name: A Cry For Help
Difficulty: CR 5
Description: A man just came into town the other day, half dead and shaking, claiming that some beast had taken his wife captive while they were traveling out in the hills to the southeast. I’m putting the poor bastard up for free for now, but I sure would appreciate it if someone would go out there and find what captured his wife, and kill it. If she’s still alive, I’m sure the man would be more grateful than I can express in words. -Treasurer Oleg Leveton
Area of the Map: Southeast hills, between the Gundrin River and the Little Sellen River

The Unwanted Truth

Difficulty: CR 4
Description: There has been reports of kidnapping at peoples own homes and on the road. At first the local guards tried to put a stop to all of the people breaking the law. After spending weeks hunting down, what they thought where single people working own there own turned out they where all working together. One of the people that where captured finally broke and told them his information. At this point Kesten has now asked for a group of people to help them hunt them down.

Mac and Ralph Super Adventuring Squad
Mystery at Volcano Island

Greetings to all you would-be adventurers.

I, Macule Drihawk, and my friend, Ralphiel Diete-Huer, are looking for two strong and courageous companions to join us on our sea voyage to a deadly volcanic island. I won’t lie to you, if you are inexperienced this trip has a high probability of killing you.

Name: Volcano Expedition
Difficulty: CR 6?
Description: A voyage to an active volcano is being prepared. Are you going to miss out? – Macule Drihawk
Area of the Map: East of Restov, the Castrovin Sea

Macule's Report to Gules #4
"I'm the best at everything ever."

Date of Report: 18th of Rova 4714

To Baron Gules: I, Macule Drihawk, wish to bring you up-to-date concerning the events that have occurred these last nine days. To begin, I am happy to inform you that I have been restored to my usual self and that Stormbringer is no longer in control of my body. I apologize for all the issues that he may or may not have been the cause of during the time I was…away.

Nine days ago, after the bard, Claudio Sombra, was defeated (slaughtered) by myself (Stormbringer) in single combat I received a letter from one of the swordlords inviting me to participate in a tournament in Restov. The letter also specified that I could bring a guest to participate as well, whereupon I invited Ralphiel to come with me. We spent the next two days travelling to Restov and when we arrived we paid a visit to our cleric friend, William Templecrest, who was able to restore my mind. We spent two days in Restov waiting for the tournament to start, and on the third day we arrived at the designated location to participate.

After we arrived in the tournament hall, we were entered into the brackets for an eight person tournament that would be resolved before the day was through. By luck, Ralph and I were on opposite sides of the bracket, and each faced two opponents before we met in the final match. By this point, Ralph had exhausted nearly all his magical energies for the day while I still had some remaining in addition to my proficiency in martial combat. After a hard fought battle, Ralph conceded, and I was named the victor of the tournament.

As a reward, the Duelist Society of Restov has agreed to partially fund an arena that I would control and manage. I request permission to build this arena in Stagfell if possible, and if not, than in one of our other settlements. This will be a private investiture on my part, much like Merchant Mike’s Marketplace, so I will retain ownership of the building. The barony will receive all the renown and stability that the arena will no doubt bring, but I will receive all the profits from the arena itself. I’m still acquiring all the necessary funds and capital in order to begin construction, so it will be some time before it is completed.

Additionally, as a request of the cleric for curing me, Ralph and I need to travel to a volcano that is located in a sea to the east. It is not far off-shore, but in order to reach it Ralph and I purchased a boat and crew, out-of-pocket of course. Even as I write this report, we are looking for able-bodied adventurers to assist us in traversing the volcano. Our boat is currently docked in the waters outside Stagfell waiting to depart.

Bounty Board 1.5: A New Era
A Call To Arms!

‘Merchant’ Mike here with some exciting news for any would-be adventurers in the region of Edenmore! Due to the recent addition of the Marketplace within Stagfell, funded by yours truly, I’ve decided to send out a little recruitment drive for our dear Baron Gules, who has recently made some decisions that have made a few of you unhappy. Well, you can trust old ‘Merchant’ Mike to make some solid decisions. I invite any and all adventurey-types to come on down to Merchant Mike’s Marketplace to take on jobs that, not only will you be able to tell to your families and traveling bards to increase your renown, but also will reward you with great deals of treasure!

There is, of course, the small matter of the standard adventurer’s mortality rate. It’s as high as the sky! Well, don’t you worry about that! With Baron Gules’ new Pale Resurrection Act, if you’ve got the coin, and haven’t pissed off the higher-ups in Edenmore, your new renown as adventurers will surely increase your chances of the public voting you back to life! It’s a win/win situation for sure! So come on down, have a drink at Oleg’s Bar-Cart, and make your way to ‘Merchant’ Mike for opportunities that you’ve only ever dreamed of!

OOC Note: With the addition of a kingdom-wide scale of things to choose from, and no doubt new immigrants from other countries, all races of 13 RP and below are now open, as well as 3rd party material on a case by case basis. A casis, if you will. These options are only available to your mercenaries, which will start at level 2 and will never increase past a level below the main party. The standard Merc starting package will be 1,000gp, and you may sponsor any merc with your main character after they’ve succesfully completed two sidequests. Mercs will take 2 sidequests to level up, and, as they are working for the kingdom, will be allowed their choice of one item out of the end of quest loot, as well as their completion bonus of gold from ‘Merchant’ Mike. Anyone is free to run a side quest, so long as they give me prior notice. I encourage such a thing, since I’d like to make a merc as well, though I won’t be taking the option of sponsoring them with my NPCs, as that would give me an unfair advantage.

Letter of Resignation from Ralphiel Dieter-Heur
In which Ralph decides he does not want to be a councilman.

Lord Gules,

It is with a heavy heart that I must step down from my position as General, while it was a great honor to be trusted with your army, I need more in my life. I fear I shall not find the happiness I have been searching for by staying cooped up in the capital and therefore I ask that I be able to step down and serve as a guard or even a mercenary for the Barony.

If ever there is a dire need, just call upon me and I will be there to aid you in whatever way I may, until such a time however I must have a chance to find out what I seek in life, I thought it to be nobility, and I can never thank you enough for granting me mine. However, I find myself hallow and directionless now.

Please Understand,

Ralphiel Dieter-Heur.


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