Bounty Board 1.5: A New Era

A Call To Arms!

‘Merchant’ Mike here with some exciting news for any would-be adventurers in the region of Edenmore! Due to the recent addition of the Marketplace within Stagfell, funded by yours truly, I’ve decided to send out a little recruitment drive for our dear Baron Gules, who has recently made some decisions that have made a few of you unhappy. Well, you can trust old ‘Merchant’ Mike to make some solid decisions. I invite any and all adventurey-types to come on down to Merchant Mike’s Marketplace to take on jobs that, not only will you be able to tell to your families and traveling bards to increase your renown, but also will reward you with great deals of treasure!

There is, of course, the small matter of the standard adventurer’s mortality rate. It’s as high as the sky! Well, don’t you worry about that! With Baron Gules’ new Pale Resurrection Act, if you’ve got the coin, and haven’t pissed off the higher-ups in Edenmore, your new renown as adventurers will surely increase your chances of the public voting you back to life! It’s a win/win situation for sure! So come on down, have a drink at Oleg’s Bar-Cart, and make your way to ‘Merchant’ Mike for opportunities that you’ve only ever dreamed of!

OOC Note: With the addition of a kingdom-wide scale of things to choose from, and no doubt new immigrants from other countries, all races of 13 RP and below are now open, as well as 3rd party material on a case by case basis. A casis, if you will. These options are only available to your mercenaries, which will start at level 2 and will never increase past a level below the main party. The standard Merc starting package will be 1,000gp, and you may sponsor any merc with your main character after they’ve succesfully completed two sidequests. Mercs will take 2 sidequests to level up, and, as they are working for the kingdom, will be allowed their choice of one item out of the end of quest loot, as well as their completion bonus of gold from ‘Merchant’ Mike. Anyone is free to run a side quest, so long as they give me prior notice. I encourage such a thing, since I’d like to make a merc as well, though I won’t be taking the option of sponsoring them with my NPCs, as that would give me an unfair advantage.



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