Letter of Resignation from Ralphiel Dieter-Heur

In which Ralph decides he does not want to be a councilman.

Lord Gules,

It is with a heavy heart that I must step down from my position as General, while it was a great honor to be trusted with your army, I need more in my life. I fear I shall not find the happiness I have been searching for by staying cooped up in the capital and therefore I ask that I be able to step down and serve as a guard or even a mercenary for the Barony.

If ever there is a dire need, just call upon me and I will be there to aid you in whatever way I may, until such a time however I must have a chance to find out what I seek in life, I thought it to be nobility, and I can never thank you enough for granting me mine. However, I find myself hallow and directionless now.

Please Understand,

Ralphiel Dieter-Heur.



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