Macule's Report to Gules #2

"Arthor fell in battle while I slew the necromancer in single combat."

To that ugly Ghoulish fellow: I, Macule Drihawk, have returned from our mission with splendid news. We were able to locate the cure for the sickness, and in addition, we have slain a powerful necromancer who was threatening our kingdom. To be more precise, I slew the necromancer as I cut him clean in half. All the others have survived as well, including the elf unfortunately, and they may say I am not myself right now. I can assure you that I am feeling great, and you should not worry. Furthermore, as recompense for my heroic deeds, I wish to petition you. As the Baron of these lands, order all fey creatures to either leave Edenmore, join the military as frontline warriors (read: fodder), or be executed. I believe this is more than fair for the heroic deed I accomplished on this day. Now, I need to go see if Ailess is doing well…



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