Macule's Report to Gules #3

Combine headlines from Reports #1 and #2.

To Baron Grools…Jewels? Whatever: I, Macule Stormbringer, once again return to you triumphant. My mission this day was to conquer death itself…or the undead at the very least. Allow me to start at the beginning. Oleg reported that their were strange disturbances around the grave mound near Stagfell and requested that some brave adventurer go forth and solve the mystery. Being the legend I am, I (and some others) entered the graveyard to face whatever foul creatures lurked there and put an end to the disturbances. Upon arrival, I (and some others) faced an army of skeletons and slew them all. Before finishing them off, however, I was able to speak to one of the creatures who, upon seeing my awesome power, submitted and told me that someone was controlling them and that he was located underground.

After the battle, I (and some others) located a secret door that led to an underground tomb. It was not just a door, however, but an 80 ft. drop! Arthor, being a fool as always, tied a rope around the tombstone that marked the grave, and as soon as he started to descend, the tombstone collapsed. Arthor fell the entire distance and was heavily injured [this is an important thing to note]. Being the graceful acrobat I am, I was able to slide down the walls and land with minimal injury. When Jarrow tried to imitate me, he fell down the hole as well and knocked himself unconscious while bleeding heavily. I was not able to witness this as he had cast invisibility upon himself, but I was still able to stabilize him and keep him from dying [+1 life saved]. Our other member found their way down as well.

As I (and some others) explored the tomb, I was ambushed by more skeletons, whom I was able to slay with little difficulty. During this encounter Arthor once again fell in battle [also important to note] while I was away saving Jarrow from being targeted by a skeleton who was going to attack the helpless man. As the skeleton swung his weapon to execute our Grand Diplomat, I was able to intercept and slay the beast [+1 life saved]. With two members down, I heroically stood guard over them while our other member left them to die in order to explore.

While that person was away, a monstrous Skeletal Owlbear attacked! While engaging the beast in combat I channeled my signature spell, Shocking Grasp, and struck the enemy as if I were the god of lightning himself. Upon releasing my awesome power, lightning struck out in every direction electrocuting the unconscious Arthor, who was asking for it by wearing that heavy steel armor. I finished the beast with a mighty stroke, humiliating it with my incredible skill and saving Jarrow and our other party member [+2 lives saved]. When I returned to Arthor’s side, it was too late, as his weak heart must have given out. I wept over my fallen comrade as our other member selfishly scrounged the tomb for valuables.

After a time, the gravekeeper located the hole and fetched the guards in return for the “compensation” that our other member promised. I selflessly stayed in the tomb to tie a rope around Arthor’s body and the helpless Jarrow so they could be lifted out [+1 life saved]. After exiting the tomb, I came here to deliver this report to you, so that you may look upon me with favor.



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