Macule's Report to Gules #4

"I'm the best at everything ever."

Date of Report: 18th of Rova 4714

To Baron Gules: I, Macule Drihawk, wish to bring you up-to-date concerning the events that have occurred these last nine days. To begin, I am happy to inform you that I have been restored to my usual self and that Stormbringer is no longer in control of my body. I apologize for all the issues that he may or may not have been the cause of during the time I was…away.

Nine days ago, after the bard, Claudio Sombra, was defeated (slaughtered) by myself (Stormbringer) in single combat I received a letter from one of the swordlords inviting me to participate in a tournament in Restov. The letter also specified that I could bring a guest to participate as well, whereupon I invited Ralphiel to come with me. We spent the next two days travelling to Restov and when we arrived we paid a visit to our cleric friend, William Templecrest, who was able to restore my mind. We spent two days in Restov waiting for the tournament to start, and on the third day we arrived at the designated location to participate.

After we arrived in the tournament hall, we were entered into the brackets for an eight person tournament that would be resolved before the day was through. By luck, Ralph and I were on opposite sides of the bracket, and each faced two opponents before we met in the final match. By this point, Ralph had exhausted nearly all his magical energies for the day while I still had some remaining in addition to my proficiency in martial combat. After a hard fought battle, Ralph conceded, and I was named the victor of the tournament.

As a reward, the Duelist Society of Restov has agreed to partially fund an arena that I would control and manage. I request permission to build this arena in Stagfell if possible, and if not, than in one of our other settlements. This will be a private investiture on my part, much like Merchant Mike’s Marketplace, so I will retain ownership of the building. The barony will receive all the renown and stability that the arena will no doubt bring, but I will receive all the profits from the arena itself. I’m still acquiring all the necessary funds and capital in order to begin construction, so it will be some time before it is completed.

Additionally, as a request of the cleric for curing me, Ralph and I need to travel to a volcano that is located in a sea to the east. It is not far off-shore, but in order to reach it Ralph and I purchased a boat and crew, out-of-pocket of course. Even as I write this report, we are looking for able-bodied adventurers to assist us in traversing the volcano. Our boat is currently docked in the waters outside Stagfell waiting to depart.



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