Macule's Report to Gules #1

"I swear it was an accident!"

To King Gules: Akiros, Ralphiel, and myself (Macule) have undergone a journey to help Akiros regain his virtue as a paladin. We met with success, and as a result, Akiros is reborn again. In addition we are adding 500 gp to the personal funds of our adventuring party.

In addition, over the last year, it appears that the Temple of Erastil was corrupted again. We defeated the Fiendish Griffon that made it’s home in the temple, but we believe that in order to keep the Temple pure we need to bring into the Kingdom as soon as possible. The final decision is yours of course, but we believe it to be the best course of action.

P.S. There may have been an…incident. During our previous adventure we found a magic item, and in order to determine who would own it, Ralphiel and I had a friendly duel. During the duel, I may have accidentally put too much magic into a spell and…uh…removed him from existence. I sincerely apologize.

In unrelated news, there appears to be an opening for a new Warden and I would like to put in a good word for Akiros. He’s strong, healthy and has a new resolve to keep order throughtout the kindgom. It’ll be like nothing ever happened…



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