The Pale Resurrection Act

an official decree from Harold Gules, Baron of Edenmore

Citizens of Edenmore. In the last few months the leadership of your realm has been shaken by the deaths and dismissals of many of this barony’s founders. While your brave and powerful lords have saved the realm from disease, necromancy, and the threat of dragons, we have done so at a great cost; a cost that has become cheapened by our own arrogance. When this nation was founded, you all graciously brought me back to life because you believed that I had not yet finished living. You tasked me with a great burden: to lead this land out of its dark past into an age of prosperity, of paradise. With the help of my fellow comrades, I have done everything in my power to help lift this nation up, and will continue to serve you all until the day I truly die. For I am mortal, and as all wise mortals will tell you, death is as important as life.

Twice now our nation has defied nature’s law of death in replacement of life. We did it first to found a leader, and again to revive the good lord Oleg Leveton. The death of the brave General Pale has granted me perspective however; no matter our defiance, death will eventually stake its claim on a mortal’s heart. The cost to defy an inevitability such as death is a cost that is not to be done idly, and yet your high lords have taken resurrection for granted. Unburdened by the fear of death, we allow ourselves to make decisions that may not be in the best interest of the realm, including needlessly sacrificing our own lives, shaking the very core of our nation.

I hereby decree across all current and future lands of Edenmore, the resurrection of any fallen creature, including the resurrection of this nation’s leadership, is outlawed. All appeals for the resurrection of any creature must be approved by the Council of Edenmore and decided by a nation-wide majority vote. All established citizens of Edenmore may cast their vote in their nearest local Settlement. All resurrections must be conducted under the presence and supervision of the Council of Edenmore. Unauthorized resurrections will be punishable by death of those who performed the resurrection and those who were resurrected. Studies made and related to the art of resurrection for academic purposes must be appealed to and approved by the Council of Edenmore.



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