Raemiriel Silowyr Vanelon

The Magister of Edenmore


Raemiriel was born on 11/14/4589, in the Kyonin region in a royal drow family, the Tantathelen house. From day one, she grew up an exile. As a child, she was made fun of by the other drow, calling her “white-skin” and other derogatory remarks. She grew up detesting these elves, and the treatment only got worse as she aged. By the time she was twelve, there had already been an attempt on her life. All societies have their schools, and Raemiriel scored the top of her class in matters of arcane arts. A few certain drow (and their parents) didn’t take too kindly to a “white-skin” outclassing their young. The younglings didn’t appreciate this too much, either, and approached Raemiriel (who might have seen this coming) outside of the academy.

It happened quickly, the drow child lunged at Raemiriel, who, out of pure panic, unleashed her slew of spells towards the other, felling him. The remaining drow hissed threats and charged the elf, and she ran as fast as she could, with the aid from a potion she had stolen from the school. This potion, a Potion of Invisibility, would be what inspired her to take up the arts of illusion. When she had made her way out of the spiraling caverns, she came across others like herself. She expected them to execute her on the spot, she had rumors of surface folk killing drow on sight.

The exact opposite happened. The terrified Raemiriel was taken in by the small band of soldiers, and sure enough, the evil followed behind. A slight battle was fought between the elves and drow, and with the help from Raemiriel’s ‘intel’, the elves had fended off the drow with relative ease. Raemiriel was taken to Iadara, where she was taken in by an elven noble, one who could not bring forth a child of her own. Raemiriel adopted the Vanelon name at this time, in the year of 4602. She would then speak with those who had saved her, and would inform them of the dangers that lurked below. She had given them the location of her old home, the place where she was raised as if she was a disease, a town that would soon be razed by the elves.

Life became much easier for Raemiriel. There were no longer attempts at her life, but nightmares still lingered. Dark dreams of driders taking her away in her sleep, of waking to drow standing above her bed, a dagger pressed to her throat. These dreams would become less frequent, though they would never go away completely. And as much as she did try to be normal, whispers would sound upon her passing every so often, of the tattooed elf, the one marked by the drow. On her right arm was a series of elven symbols, the result of cruel actions by her drow peers.

She remained in Iadara for almost seventy years before venturing outward to explore the world, visiting Druma, Molthune, Nirmathas, Lastwall, spending a few years in Ustalav, Numeria, and finally settling in the Brevoy in 4698. She spent her time here until she had received a missive from the Brevoy, about land in the River Kingdoms. Seeing this as a place to make something of herself, she set off to do what was needed, to become someone to remember.

Raemiriel Silowyr Vanelon

Kingmaker Raemiriel