Diplomatic Meeting in Absalom the nude.

Dear Council,

I’ve returned from Absalom along with the rest of the travelling party to inform you about the results of our diplomatic expedition. I’ll keep it brief. We spoke to one of Jarrow’s older brothers, Canderos, who gave us further details about the offer Spack brought to the table. Canderos informed us that we have two years to found a settlement in the specified area, not one year as we previously believed. Furthermore, upon inquiry, we discovered the reason he wants to establish a settlement in that particular location; an alleged ‘Fountain of Youth’ is buried there. From what I could tell, Canderos truly believes in what he says and wants us to make a claim on that territory before others move in first. But things are more complicated then they may seem. He made an off-comment that the Fountain was originally located somewhere else, and through the power of a Wish someone moved it. Raine and I pressed for details about the nature of the event, but he was not inclined to share. It is in my humble opinion that we as a Barony should not draw the ire of a being powerful enough to alter reality. I gave Canderos an ultimatum; tell us more about this Wish or we end our negotiations. He decided to remain silent, and so our conversation came to an end. I believe something of this caliber requires our attention, and I wish to hear all of your opinions so we can take the best course of action.

-Aleksandr Khavortorov



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