Fourth Letter Home: Kuthona

Dear Gules, Council and Co.

I write to you this month that my dealings with my family have gone well, and I managed to get some backing for us from the High Council of Absalom. Edenmore is on the precipice of change now, and the world is looking to us right now as in a year’s time we are due to start exploring the unknown regions to the east. I believe that we are able to, where both Pathfinders and Adventurers have failed, to uncover what the east has in store for us.

I, myself, will be coming back ahead of time in a couple of months to start exploring and expanding the Barony out east. I’m sure that we will need any claimed hexes along the way for farmlands and fishing huts, while we expand the size of the Barony even more. The agreed upon terms are, that the Barony by the end of Neth to have a secure route to either one or several possible locations with valuable resources for us to claim out in the east in the unexplored regions, and to make sure no one else takes it. From there, my house will be sending down a ship with workers and goods to help build the settlement, and after all the areas with valuable resources are claimed, we will discuss from there on how we will handle the profits between the two.

That is all I have to say for now, and I suspect that we will have a lot to talk about upon my return.

Lord Spack Jarrow



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