The Barony Under Duress

Citizens of Edenmore:

Today is what might be known as a dark day in Edenmore. Baron Harold Gules, our founder, has passed away. There was an attack on the council, by the man known as Ralphiel Diete-Heur, he was once a noble man, now fallen. He was brought to justice, though not before we suffered multiple casualties. High Priest Jhod Kavken, Warden Kesten Garess, and Dimitri Bokken were among the fallen. Sam Morcos, from House Morcos in Restov, was also slain, fighting against Ralphiel. Lord Macule Drihawk was also among those that had fallen today. Though they had met an untimely end, they helped in achieving the ultimate goal of apprehending and subduing the threat to our barony.

Due to the confines of the Pale Resurrection Act, law dictates that a vote must be cast for each of our lords to determine whether or not they should be resurrected. Our late Baron has decreed that in his passing, that we do not resurrect him, but in place we instate an heir.

Onto the others, we have discussed and come to a decision that we will give the people the choice to decide whether or not Lord Macule Drihawk and High Priest Jhod Kavken should be resurrected. Lord Drihawk has done much for the barony, has helped spark trade routes with families and merchants in Restov, and helped remove threats to Edenmore. High Pirest Kavken aided us in securing the land and founding the barony, and without either of these two, I can safely say that we may not be here today. The choice is with you, the fine citizens of Edenmore, to decide if these two should return to us, in hopes that they may aid us flourish.

I ask that we remain strong and do not falter in the face of danger, that although we are beginning something anew together, we are not weak. The citizens of Edenmore are strong, and we will work through this together.

— Lady Raemiriel Silowyr Vanelon



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